Torrent Negre – Selecció Privada Syrah 2019


Single varietal Syrah wine made only in years when the grapes are in exceptional condition. These are wines of very small production (300 to 1,500 bottles) that can be called “winemaker’s whims”.

Growing system: trellis Location of the vineyard: Manacor and Felanitx

Donimination of Origin: D.O.P. Pla and Llevant – Mallorca

Type of wine: crianza red

Alcoholic strength: 14 % vol.

Fermentation: alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Malolactic fermentation in barrels

Aging: 12 months in new Caucasian oak barrels. Subsequent bottle aging

Tasting notes: clean, bright, clean and bright wine with intense color. Complex aromas reminiscent of the Mediterranean, eucalyptus and menthol. Hints of berries (cassis), pine, black olives, combined with a slight touch of roasted wood, very sweet, long on the palate and with good acidity-alcohol ratio, with very ripe tannins and nothing unpleasant, well balanced.

Recommendations: goes well with game, cured cheeses and red meats in sauce.

Serving temperature: serve between 18º- 20ºC.


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What makes our wines different?

Own-produced grapes
Hand-picked and hand-selected grapes
High quality of our barrels

What is the origin of our wines?

Currently, eleven small estates make up the 9 hectares of vineyards that produce the grapes for our wines. Most of them are located in the municipality of Manacor and some in Felanitx and Petra, and they are all registered in D.O.P. Pla i Llevant de Mallorca.

We grow all the grapes we produce and do not buy grapes from third parties, thus controlling the entire production process.

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