Dolç de Sa Vall 2022


Sweet white wine made from overripe Muscat grapes. Fine, light wine, with very good harmony between acidity and sugar, ideal to accompany foie gras and appetizers.

Grape varieties: Small-grain Muscatel 60%, Muscat of Alexandria 40%.

Growing system: trellis

Location of the vineyard: Manacor

Type of wine: sweet young white from overripe grapes

Alcoholic strength: 12.5- 13.5 % vol.

Residual sugar: 68 gr/l

Fermentation: stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature.

Aging: young wine without aging

Tasting notes: Straw yellow color, clean, very dense in the glass. With a good tear, it is very aromatic on the nose, with floral and fresh fruit aromas and above all the grape from which it comes. The palate is fresh yet full-bodied, long on the finish and well-balanced.

Recommendations: combines well with appetizers, especially with foie gras or alone in the middle of the afternoon.

Serving temperature: serve between 5º-7ºC.

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What makes our wines different?

Own-produced grapes
Hand-picked and hand-selected grapes
High quality of our barrels

What is the origin of our wines?

Currently, eleven small estates make up the 9 hectares of vineyards that produce the grapes for our wines. Most of them are located in the municipality of Manacor and some in Felanitx and Petra, and they are all registered in D.O.P. Pla i Llevant de Mallorca.

We grow all the grapes we produce and do not buy grapes from third parties, thus controlling the entire production process.

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